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Our competitive edge is to design- and supply industrial refrigeration compressors, liquid chillers, complete cooling plants to all market segments, such as:

  • cold stores
  • food industry
  • chemical plants, technology process
  • Gas drying, underground gas storage plants
  • HVAC industry
  • Sport halls, Ice rinks

Our compressor agregats are supplied with state of the art oil injected VMY screw compressor stages.

Main features:

  • Reliable operation
  • Compressors are available for all refrigerants (freon, ammonia, propane etc.)
  • Normal or explosion proof executions (with ATEX certificate)
  • Design-/ manufacturing upon required standards (EN PED; API ASME, etc)
  • No anchor bolt required, simple installation
  • Monoblock execution (compressor installed into standard container, upon request)
  • Special instrumentation upon request (double, 2003 etc)
  • Diagnostics (vibration/axial displacement) on the main driver and compressor stage
  • Wide capacity range – suction volume from 233 to 10.000 m3/h
  • One or two stage compression
  • Stepless capacity regulation between 15% and 100% (By-pass capacity regulation to 0% upon request)
  • Frequence converter upon request
  • Automatic oil return system (chillers, refrigerating plants)
  • Oil carry over down to 1% wt
  • Acoustic hood, upon request
  • Flexible control system (local/remote), connection to DCS via any communication protocolsupervising system with industrial PC or PLC
  • Minimised and simple maintenance, 24h service hotline
  • Original spare parts, after sales services

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HAFI Industries Kft. 2500 Esztergom Dobogókői út 82. Tel: 00-36/33-417-644 Fax: 00-36/33-411-196 | hafi@hafi.hu

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