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General applications: low pressure inert gas system and process gas, oil free transportation just to name a few: waste water plants’ basin, Filter regeneration for water supply plant, cereal drier, other industrial technologies


  • GM series: Inert gas, Max 1000 mbar, flow rate: 30-5 400 m3/h
  • GQ series: Process gas, Max 800 mbar, flow rate: 100-100 000 m3/h
  • GR series: corrosion gas, Max 800 mbar, flow rate: 100-50 000 m3/h
  • GM …DZ series: high pressure, Max 25 bar, flow rate: 60-6 000 m3/h

Further options:

acoustic hood, reduced installation area required due to compact design,
automatic belt tension system depend on environment,
standing on flexible rubber feet: special foundation not required,
unique container design also available for upon request.

There is also available solution for control of two or more stage system to reach optimized operation energy save and load optimized point of view. Those functions provide low cost operation in addition to automatic start/stop functionality whitin one system.

Control system is supplied with frequence converter providing stepless and economic regulation upon request. In addition to that we can supply complete regulation and supervising systems to waste water plants, where the regulation and control of external systems are also required in one common unit. (BIOCOS system)

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