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20 years history of HAFI Industries Gmbh

HAFI (abbreviation is: HAndels und FInanzierung) Kft. Is a corporate, employing around 200 employees. Its headquarter is to be found in Feldkirch, Austria. It has sales offices and service groups in all of the former socialist countries.

In 1989 the first production department of the company, HAFI Industries Machine Works Ltd. was established in Hungary, specialized in manufacturing compressors.

In 1990 prototypes of oil-injected air compressors were designed by our design engineers and mass production was started in a rented workshop.

At the same time construction of a production workshop with the capacity of 400 pieces/year has been started in Esztergom, supported by a Hungarian state export development donation.

In 1993 production of oil-free air compressors has been started due to market demand, and later on production of compressor plant controllers has been started in cooperation with a German company.

In 1995 industrial high-capacity gas and refrigerant compressors were designed, which enabled us to break into a major segment of the compressor market. These machines provide a better position on the compressor market due to their increased engineering content.

1996. The 1600-square-meter manufacturing hall was completed in the beginning of 1996, and a new family of blowers were designed for pneumatic transport at wastewater treatment plants, with mass production starting in 1997.

Due to changes in market demands, the company switched to production of custom-made machines in 2000, and small series production of machines was significantly decreased. This required major preparatory and engineering work.

The number of employees grew as production increased, and they consist of engineers, fitters and electricians. The current number of physical manufacturing staff is 30. Planning, purchasing and production management is cared for by a 15-man group.

Individual value of manufactured devices has sharply risen from 2005, which was planned and produced for fulfilling special demands.

By stepping into the Russian market in 2006, our turn over and contracts have been multiplied.

In order to increase productivity we had to establish significant changes in our organisation in 2007. As a result of this reorganisation, we established an ERP system (IFS) from 1st January 2009, resulting an even more effective and high quality design-, manufacturing-, and test process.

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